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Louisiana Boat Insurance

There's no better way to spend a lazy afternoon than being out on the water, but having a boat means taking responsibility for accidents that can happen on the water. Although Louisiana boaters aren't required to carry insurance coverage on their boats, it can still come in handy for those unexpected moments. Whether you're reeling in the catch of the day on a bass boat or doing hot laps on a jet ski, you want your vessel protected against any perils that suddenly appear.

You can count on the experts at Atlas Insurance Group to help you choose a boat insurance policy that works best for you. If it's your first time buying a new policy, you may be wondering what to expect. The following covers the basics for most boat insurance policies.

  • Coverage for property damage - If you have a run-in with someone else's watercraft during your outing, you can rely on your boat insurance to cover the damage.
  • Protection against bodily injury - If someone gets hurt on your boat or other boaters are injured during a collision involving your boat, your bodily injury liability coverage will take care of the resulting expenses.
  • Coverage for physical damage - In the event your boat is damaged while it's in storage or being transported, your coverage will take care of the repairs. Physical damage coverage takes care of your boat whether it's in or out of the water, in most cases.
  • Liability for guest passengers - If you get into a boating accident while a guest is behind the wheel, your guest passenger liability coverage will take care of the ensuing expenses in the aftermath of the crash.
  • Coverage for medical payments - Your insurance coverage will take care of any medical expenses you or your passengers incur due to an accident.

For additional coverage options for your Louisiana boat insurance policy, get in touch with Atlas Insurance Group today. Our agents can work with you to get you a quote and help you get started on a boat/watercraft insurance policy. We can also help you go over your current policy to make sure you are fully covered. We look forward to hearing from you.

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